About Kieanna Michelle



I started wearing waistbeads in 10th grade, when my friend’s mom brought us some back from her trip to Africa. It wasn’t until college, where I learned to create my own, when I truly began my waistbead journey. Like most girls, I struggled with my image and how I saw myself when I looked in the mirror. I had trouble losing weight, I lacked confidence, and building my self esteem was always a challenge. Most days I didn’t feel pretty and blamed myself because of how I looked on the outside. It took me a long time to find that spark within to make a difference in my life. I was tired of feeling like I didn’t deserve to feel good about myself because of how I was shaped. 
When I started making waistbeads, it was a hobby to help make some extra cash while in school. But the more I wore them, the better I felt. It not only helped calm my anxiety, but I started to get a lot of compliments from my peers. Overtime, I began to learn more about the culture and origin of waistbeads and started making them for my friends. Seeing their faces light up when they put them on helped me realize, that’s exactly how I felt when I put on my first pair. It made me feel good, and I wanted to help other people, who may struggle with their self esteem or weight loss journey, to feel good as well. 
Each one of us has our own unique shape, and that’s what makes us special. My personal waistbead journey reflects how I feel on the inside. As a woman, my body is constantly changing, and when I wear my waistbeads they remind me that I’m beautiful, strong, and in charge of my life. I always tell myself, it’s not about what you wear, but how you wear it. And I choose to wear my waistbeads with pride and confidence, and I want others to feel the same. 
As I continue my journey, my goal is to find balance within myself by releasing all the negative energy, and learning to find peace and explore what makes me happy. I plan to encourage and inspire others to do the same through the beauty and creativity of my art. I hope that every person that wears a Waistbead By Kiee feels confident and stronger than they’ve ever felt before.