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This Bracelet is made with Howlite and Chinese Jadeite Beads

Chinese Jadeite - considered to be the lucky stone in Chinese Culture

Color: green 

Chakra: heart

Helps With: prosperity, success, good luck, symbol of renewal and longevity

Works with: all colors of jade, clear quartz, malachite

Howlite - A borate Mineral

Color: cream or white w/ fine grey or black veins in a web like pattern

Chakra: Crown

Helps With: being in tune with the Divine, strengthening memory & stimulates desire for knowledge, calming anxiety, easing stress, teaches patience and eliminates negative emotions like rage and pain.

Works with: Turquoise, amethyst, sodalite


All Bracelets are custom made and hand made. To place a custom order, please fill out our custom order form and be as detailed as possible. For all other inquiries, please email